When we develop a new brand, we don’t mess around!

Brand Development Process

New Brand Concept Ideation

Ongoing Reprioritization of concepts

Menu Development based on inputs

Brand Asset Development

Prototyping premised on insights and analysis

Launch Prep including master menu and more

Controlled Launch in Denver metro area

General Launch released to Fulfillment Partners

Meet the Brands


Each Nextbite Virtual Restaurant concept is backed by data and carefully crafted to dish out what customers crave. Using rich analytics, our team looks at a variety of factors to develop first-in-class, proven brands.

Data Mining

We leverage data from thousands of restaurants across the country.

Market Trends

Our team identifies top food trends in each market, from Paleo and Keto, to Comfort Foods.

R&D Insights

Each concept is developed for ease-of-prep and deliverability, taste-tested and proven to travel well.

Nextbite Partners

We listen to our partners and utilize ongoing feedback for each concept.

Nextbite Leadership

Nextbite’s team is made up of leading industry professionals and consultants, here to support you as you scale your Virtual Restaurant business.

Supply Inventory Analysis

Each menu SKU is crafted with your supply chain and existing inventory in mind, providing simple inventory projections.

Demographic Analysis

We analyze customer demographics across the country by age, gender, and interests to create diverse menu offerings.

Psychographic Analysis

We spend countless hours to understand your online ordering customer and how to satisfy them.

Menu and Pricing Analysis

Using third-party order data, our concepts are built to be price competitive.

GIS Mapping

Each Nextbite Fulfillment Partner is given a protected territory based on tireless analysis of geographical locations.

Generate more orders & more revenue out of your existing restaurant