It’s the Wild West out here!

With 15 different flavors of boneless and bone-in wings, order your favorite (or every flavor) for delivery from Wild Wild Wings. Add a side of Ghost Fries or Mac & Cheese Bites and leave hunger in the dust!
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The Menu

All orders come with 8 classic-style (bone-in) or boneless wings, carrots & celery, and choice of blue cheese or ranch for dipping.



8 piece Cajun dry rub wings* (mild heat)

Classic BBQ

8 piece classic BBQ wings* (mild heat)

Fried Curry

8 piece battered fried curry wings* (mild heat)

Garlic Parmesan

8 piece garlic parmesan wings* (mild heat)

Korean BBQ

8 piece Korean BBQ wings* (mild heat)

Lemon Pepper

8 piece lemon pepper wings* (mild heat)

Sweet Chili

8 piece sweet chili wings* (mild heat)


8 piece teriyaki smoked and grilled wings* (mild heat)


8 piece classic wings* (medium heat)

Honey Hot

8 piece honey hot wings* (medium heat)

Nashville Hot

8 piece Nashville hot wings* (medium heat)

Sriracha Mango

8 piece Sriracha mango wings* (medium heat)

Carolina Reaper

8 piece Carolina Reaper wings* (hot heat)

Spicy Asian

8 piece spicy Asian wings* (hot heat)

Spicy Orange

8 piece spicy orange wings* (hot heat)



Blue cheese dressing, ranch, house sauce


Carrots, celery


Classic Fries

Ghost Fries

Fries with ghost pepper seasoning

Onion Rings

Sweet Potato Tots

Mac & Cheese

Classic Mac Bites

Classic mac bites with house sauce

Bacon & Blue Cheese Bites

Bacon & blue cheese mac bites with house sauce

Buffalo Mac & Hot Cheetos Bites

Buffalo mac & Hot Cheetos mac bites with house sauce

Please note: Wild Wild Wings is a virtual restaurant exclusively available via third-party delivery apps only, and menu offerings may differ slightly depending on market availability.

*Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.