Embracing a

culture of inclusion

at Nextbite.

DEI&B / Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

DEI&B is a constant invitation for others to come in and feel at home. Diversity implores everyone to value, highlight, and bring our individual differences to the door. Equity actively addresses our unconscious and systematic bias representing thresholds and widens the door of opportunities for folks in distinct and mindful ways. Inclusion encourages one another to come in without leaving any parts of themselves at the door. Belonging emphasizes the importance of being valued as part of a larger community while being true to one’s self.

What it means to us

“Our ability to be incredible partners to the restaurants we serve can be directly attributed to the talented and diverse team we have built. We will never stop building inclusivity into everything we do, and we know it's not simply a box to check, but a lens through which to look at everything we do, and how we do it. Most importantly, to continue finding opportunities to do better every day.”

Alex CanterChief Executive Officer

Our Approach

Coffee Chats

Our monthly DEI&B coffee chats are hosted to encourage everyone at Ordermark to live out our core values: character counts, be customer obsessed, build something better, win together, be a catalyst. In the month of June, we hosted our LGBTQIA+ coffee chat along with a Drag bingo event to spread awareness on gender identity and expression.

Unconscious Bias

Our unconscious bias training is designed to expose employees to their implicit biases, provide tools to alter thought patterns, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors.

Slack channels

like #cultural-awareness offers discussion spaces that encourage employees to hold meaningful conversations about diversity and community. Relevant news sources, videos, and other media are used to spark discussion among the Ordermark community.

Inclusion Recruiting

Our talent acquisition process reflects Ordermark’s strive for diversity and inclusion. To practice inclusive recruiting, [we] first start with recruiting for diversity which means to look at the current employee pool and ask ‘who’s not here?’

“We believe in an inclusive talent strategy to build diverse teams at OM. The Talent Partners are intentional on sourcing diverse talent and have put tools into place to help us target and nurture these relationships, such as Valence. An inclusive hiring experience includes the interview process so we aim and make our interview panels differ in thought, backgrounds, and experience.”

AmandaSr. Tech Talent Partner
Want to be part of the team. Join the revolution!
Want to be part of the team. Join the revolution!
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