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There is a major revolution in the restaurant world as intersecting trends push restaurateurs to adopt new technology, meet the growing demand for convenience, realign around the post-pandemic landscape, address labor issues, supply shortages, rising costs and more.

These many challenges, however, provide an exciting new opportunity to reimagine the way restaurants do business. Now is the right time to take advantage of the exploding delivery-only market, but it’s important to know that the overall food experience is still the key ingredient to business success.

To help restaurants ride this new e-commerce restaurant wave, at Nextbite we offer partners a full suite of evergreen on-trend brands designed to delight customers, as well as the technology and services they need to compete and win by providing the best off premise dining experience. The heart of our Nextbite business is consistently delicious food – so it is no surprise that we have built a superstar culinary team that includes culinary-trained chefs, an industry-recognized food trendologist, a food experience/quality expert, along with a team of line chefs, restaurant operators, supply chain and kitchen training veterans.  

The culinary team oversees Nextbite’s current brands and spearheads the creation of new menus using innovative ingredients and recipes that give traditional foods an edge and are optimized for delivery.

When it comes to the future of food and having the pulse on what’s truly a sustainable trend versus a “flash in the pan” fad, Nextbite turns to its talented culinary team.

Among the leaders of Nextbite’s culinary team is Daniel Carpenter, Vice President of Food Experience, who spent 20 years leading a consulting company specializing in restaurant/retail operations, culinary innovation and brand development. His team is meticulous in overseeing food quality, including partner training and instruction, while also focusing on delivering a high level of hospitality. Daniel manages Nextbite’s professional test kitchen, staffed by line chefs, to test a wide range of new menus to bring to market. For every ten brands tested, fewer than one third will be released to our partners as experimentation is key in bringing the best food and brands. Also important in today’s restaurant business, Daniel’s team has streamlined a robust supply chain, allowing partners to tap into a reliable and competitively priced model. Daniel’s go-to Nextbite food choice is the Mac Bites because they are crispy, gooey, hot and always delicious.

Like any successful brick and mortar restaurant, to earn your stripes in the virtual restaurant world it always begins and ends with serving delicious food that brings the customer in and keeps them coming back. A top culinary team is essential for virtual restaurants. Our partners know that with Nextbite they are getting access to innovative, on trend and scrumptious cuisine that may not otherwise be available in certain cities –  as well as a growing portfolio of celebrity foods, such as HotBox by Wiz and George Lopez Tacos, that are exclusively offered through Nextbite. Pair that with our unwavering culinary focus on creating all of our Nextbite menus to be delivery optimized and thoroughly tested with no compromises to quality.  

We are proud of the superstar Nextbite culinary team and are confident you’ll agree when you taste our delicious food. Contact us to learn more about how you can work with us as a restaurant partner and bring some of our Nextbite superstar dishes to your local customers. 

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